The Lotus and the Artichoke – Sri Lanka (English edition)

Paperback, in full color with photographs
160 pages
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The Lotus and the Artichoke – Sri Lanka (English edition)

A Cookbook with over 70 Vegan Recipes

Justin P. Moore

Explore Sri Lankan cuisine from the capital, countryside, mountains and coastal towns, including South Indian Tamil specialties from the Northern and Eastern regions – only recently accessible since end of civil clashes in 2009.

Complete recipe list:

Lucky Roasted Curry Powder (original spice mix)
Homemade Coconut Milk (how to make & use)

Wild Greens (with mango ginger dressing)
Pearly’s Mixed Salad (with carrots, radish & coconut)
Hikkaduwa Sunset Salad (with pineapple, basil, lime, cucumber & cashews)
Amba Salad (with mango, tomato & cucumber)
Pol Sambol (red-hot coconut topping)
Mint Sambol (refreshing coconut topping)
Seeni Sambol (sweet tomato onion chutney)
Tamarind Date Chutney (sweet & tangy relish)
Green Chutney (mint coriander coconut condiment)
Yellow Chutney (turmeric ginger coconut condiment)
Lunu Miris (spicy chili coconut topping)
Spicy Ketchup (tomato sauce)

Kadala Thel Dala (deviled chickpeas with tomatoes & spices)
Appa (Hoppers) (coconut & rice crêpes)
Dal Vada (crunchy fried lentil snacks)
Idly (steamed rice lentil cakes)
Ulunda Vada (savory fried lentil donuts)
Kola Kanda (ayurvedic herbal soup)
Vegetable Roti (stuffed with potatoes, carrot & leeks)
Vegetable Kottu (street food superstar)
Vegetable Rolls (with spicy ketchup)
Bonda (batter-fried potato balls)
Breakfast Bread (fresh-baked goodness)
Pol Roti (coconut flatbread)
Papadam (crispy lentil crackers)
Sambar (vegetable lentil soup)
Paratha (classic flatbread)
Tomato Rice (red & delicious)
Lemon Rice (bright & tangy)

Jackfruit Curry (Sri Lankan specialty)
Dal Curry (classic lentil dish)
Leek Curry (creamy & intense)
Ala Kiri Hodi (creamy potato curry)
Beetroot Curry (deep-red deliciousness)
Gowa Mallum (cabbage & coconut curry)
Rocket Greens Curry (stir-fried arugula)
Carrot Curry (quick & tasty)
Kaju Maluwa (cashew nut curry)
Amba Annasi (mango pineapple curry)
Bandakka Thel Dala (spicy stir-fried okra)
Nivithi Maluwa (spinach curry)
Wattakka Dal (pumpkin & lentil curry)
Soyameat Curry (Jaffna classic)
Bonchi (stir-fried green beans)
Kiri Hodi (thin yellow coconut curry)
Sweet & Sour Brinjal (tangy aubergine curry)
Vegetable Fried Noodles (with spicy Lunu Miris)
Vegetable Fried Rice (easy & awesome)
Gobi Cashew Korma (creamy cauliflower curry)
Deviled Seitan (spicy, stir-fried wheatmeats)
Chilli Paratha (spicy, stir-fried flatbread strips)
Masala Mushroom Dosa (lentil crêpes with savory filling)

Watalappam (traditional spiced coconut custard)
Kalu Dodol (chewy rice & coconut squares)
Wild Spice Coconut Rice (sweet rice)
Payasam (traditional tapioca pudding)
Ladoos (with raisins & cashews)
Date Cake (with chopped dates & banana)
Coconut Pockets (baked pastry treats)
Kesari (sweet semolina squares)
Aluwa (sweet cashew diamonds)
Banana Pancakes (with chopped dates & syrup)
Lemon Vanilla Muffins (with raspberry syrup)
Fruit Salad (with Coconut Cashew Cream & syrup)
Frosty Masala Chai Coffee (spiced & iced)
Fuzzy Gold Frosty Drink (fresh pineapple, ginger & turmeric)
Banana Lassi (classic yogurt shake)
Mango Ice Cream (tropical sorbet)

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