The Lotus and the Artichoke – Ethiopia (English edition)
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Paperback, in full color with photographs
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The Lotus and the Artichoke – Ethiopia (English edition)

A Culinary Adventure with over 70 Vegan Recipes

Justin P. Moore

• 140 pages with 70+ recipes and over 60 full-page color photos
• Personal stories, art, and recipes inspired by my travels and culinary adventures in East Africa
• Also based on experiences with international communities of Europe (London, Paris, and Berlin) and North America (Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C.) and over 25 years of vegan cooking
• Ethiopian & Eritrean classics, familiar restaurant & family favourites, delicious delights, wonders & surprises, and creative culinary experiments

Complete recipe list:

Berbere (homemade spice mix)
Niter Qibe (seasoned oil)
Mitin Shiro (spiced chickpea powder)
Wot Qimem (black pepper spice mix)
Mitmita( super hot spice mix)
Senefich (traditional mustard)
Awaze (spicy dipping sauce)

Injera (traditional sourdough crêpes)
Quick Injera (overnight crêpes)
Kategna (spicy grilled injera)
Injera Firfir (sourdough crêpes & berbere tomato sauce)
Suf Fitfit( ripped injera & sunflower seed milk)
Kita (quick breakfast flatbread)
Doro Dabo (stuffed berbere seitan bread)
Difo Dabo (traditional bread)
Ambasha( cinnamon bread)
Chornake (fried bread puffs)
Sambosa (fried pastry with lentil filling)
Pizza Lalibela (with berbere tomato sauce & cheezy potato topping)
Senig Karia( stuffed peppers)
Genfo (roasted barley porridge)

Selata (simple salad & lemon mustard dressing)
Selata Betelba (simple salad & roasted flaxseed dressing)
Selata Begomen (creamy kale salad with nutty avocado dressing)
Selata Bedinich (potato salad)
Selata Betimatim (tomato salad)
Selata Bekarot (carrot salad with tomatoes & dates)
Butecha (chickpea scramble)
Azifa (green lentil salad with mixed greens)
Misir Wot (berbere red lentils)
Shiro Wot (chickpea classic)
Doro Wot( seitan stew)
Soy Tibs (berbere soymeats)
Minchet Abish( minced soymeats & walnuts)
Shimbra Asa (chickpea fritters in berbere sauce)
Ingudai Wot (berbere mushrooms)
Bamia( berbere okra)

Atakilt Alicha (cabbage, potatoes & carrots)
Kik Alicha (split yellow peas)
Keysir Alicha (stewed beets)
Ful( mashed fava beans)
Fosolia Bekarot (green beans & carrots)
Spinach Bedinich( spinach & potatoes)
Gomen (stewed greens)
Gomen Besoya (stewed greens & soymeats)
Duba Alicha( pumpkin stew)
Tofu Alicha (batter-fried tofu cubes in mild sauce)
Ingudai Alicha (mushrooms in creamy cashew sauce)
Asa Tibs (lemon pepper jackfruit fritters)
Inkulal Firfir (tofu scramble)
Ayib (homemade tofu nut cottage cheeze)
Bedergan( roasted aubergine)
Karia Bedinich (peppers & potatoes)
Shepherd’s Pie (vegetable lentil filling & mashed potato topping)
Spaghetti Firfir (pasta & tomato sauce on injera)
Atakilt Spaghetti (mixed vegetables & pasta)
Keysir Ruz (lemon garlic beet rice)

Buna (coffee ceremony with popcorn)
Fasting Macchiato (espresso with creamy froth)
Shai (spiced black tea)
Spris (mango avocado smoothie)
Rooibos Ice Cream (spiced cashew & almond delight)
Ginger Lemon Cookies (tangy treats)
Choco Dabo (sweet bread with chocolate filling)
Muze Dabo (banana bread)
• Discover new flavors, tasty spices, and cooking skills
• Great for cooks of all levels, from beginner to advanced: Recipes use easy-to-find ingredients (Cook everything, anywhere!)
• Delicious, easy-to-follow recipes designed to satisfy and impress eaters of all ages, tastes, and minds

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