The Lotus and the Artichoke – Mexico! (English edition)

Paperback, in full color with photographs
128 pages
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ISBN 978-3-95575-027-5

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The Lotus and the Artichoke – Mexico! (English edition)

A culinary adventure with over 60 vegan recipes

Justin P. Moore

Justin P. Moore, Berlin artist and author of the award-winning cookbook The Lotus and the Artichoke – Vegan Recipes from World Adventures traded the German winter for 3 months of sun, surf, yoga and cooking in a small coastal village on the west coast of Mexico.

His objective: Explore new culinary frontiers, immerse in another culture, swap stories and cooking secrets with locals, and document everything in a new book with his trademark style of plant-based international fusion recipes, witty and personal travel tales, expressive art and photography.

Cross the border and explore a new world of culinary traditions and exotic flavors. Discover spice-infused classics like tacos, tostadas, and tamales. Journey to a land of spectacular soups and salsas. Run wild with raw creations and super-charged salads, seductive sweets and power-packed juices and smoothies.

»The Lotus and the Artichoke shares Justin’s love for cooking and world travel with such intensity and passion that you really feel like you were there!« – Nicole Just bestselling author of La Veganista

»A fantastic cookbook that totally fires up your appetite and wanderlust!« – Sarah Kaufmann world travelling author of Vegan Guerilla

Complete recipe list:

Fig & Walnut Spinach Salad (with lemon date dressing)
Green Dream Salad (with avocado cilantro parsley dressing)
Quinoa & Greens (with beet dressing)
Mango Lime Ceviche (with seared ginger tofu)
Sopa de Frijoles Blancos (traditional white bean soup)
Caldo Tlalpeño (hearty traditional soup)
Snow White’s Sunburn (cauliflower coconut chipotle soup & pepita cucumber salsa)
Pozole (sacred vegetable soup)
Chiles Rellenos (cheeze stuffed fried peppers)
Empanadas de Espinaca y Papas (baked spinach & potato pockets)
Sandwichitos Toluqueños (black bean spread & avocado on bread)
Pan de Zanahorias (carrot corn bread with pineapple)
Camotes Fritos (sweet potato fries)

Sopes de Espinaca y Champiñones (fried tortillas with spinach & mushrooms)
Tacos de Calabacitas y Champiñones (zucchini mushroom tacos)
Jackfruit Tacos (faux fish tacos with mango salsa)
Tacos de Lentejas (classic lentil vegetable tacos)
Tostada Supreme (Mexican munchies)
Tamales (with black bean & smoked tofu filling)
Mexican Magic Rice (with spicy seitan)
Spicy Tempeh Skewers (with grilled veggies)
Cauliflower Steaks (with lemon basil cilantro sauce)
Enchiladas Rojas (with chipotle red sauce & cauliflower cashew cheeze)
Enchiladas de Mole (with spinach & smoked tofu filling)
Chilaquiles (breakfast classic with tortilla, beans & salsa)
Brunch Burritos (tofu scramble & potato wrap with easy cheezy sauce)
Mexi-Macaroni (with smoked tofu & fresh herbs)
Pizza Pacífico (with artichoke hearts, pineapple & olives)
Pizza de Papas (with roasted potatoes, tomatoes & rosemary)
Portobello Burgers (with homemade rolls)
Fried Plantains & Spinach (in tomato peanut sauce)
Milanesa de Frijoles (breaded bean cutlets)
Chimichurri Tofu (baked tofu with garlic herb sauce)
Mole Tofu (baked tofu with easy mole sauce)

Lemon Caramel Coconut Flan (decadent dessert)
Matcha Meltdown (green tea banana sorbet)
Choco Banana Sorbet (with crunchy cacao nibs)
Choco Chili Berry Pie (with date nut crust)
Sweet Squash (with rosemary & cinnamon)
Empanadas de Manzana y Piña (baked apple & pineapple pockets)
Cinnamon Churros (sweet fried classic)
Lemon Almond Banana Crepes (with chocolate sauce)
Coconut Sweet Rice (with mango syrup)
Pink Tropic (strawberry pineapple banana smoothie)
A-B-C Smoothie (apples, bananas, chia seeds)
Melon Berry (watermelon strawberry juice)
Green Wave (pineapple lime parsley juice)
Basil Banana Moringa Smoothie (with almonds)
Frozen Margarita (lime & orange blended cocktail)

Guacamole (classic avocado dip & topping)
Cashew Sour Cream (creamy & delicious)
Salsa Roja (classic red)
Salsa Verde (classic green)
Salsa de Mango (sweet & tangy)
Salsa de Mole (Oaxaca real deal sauce)
Cashew Cauliflower Cheeze (filling for enchiladas & more)
Corn Tortillas (traditional shell for tacos, enchiladas & more)
Flour Tortillas (soft shell for burritos, tacos & more)

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